LEI Code: 335800CDAZ591SUVDO91
ISIN Code: INE0SZ201014

Card Issuing Solution

Card issuing involves creating tailor-made card programmes that suit the ever-changing needs of customers in order to issue physical or virtual cards, reloadable or non-reloadable cards, business expenses and travel cards, gift or loyalty cards, among others.

A card issuer enables cardholders to pay for goods and services. It is the bank that has issued the credit or debit card to the customer. Issuing banks are members of the card scheme, such as Visa and Mastercard, but they can also operate as both issuer and card scheme

Versatile, flexible card issuing

As a principal member of Visa and Mastercard and American Express , PSwitchpay offers the full range of products of these all card schemes. Our card issuing programs are fully customisable to your business needs. Superior rule settings give you full control over issued cards, whilst customised card designs enhance your brand and create the perfect payment experience.


Full range of payment cards – plastic, virtual or digitized, prepaid, debit, credit or business.


Achieve more, offer more – with the widest range of payment products in India, all in one place

Join our family of long-term card-issuing partnerships

Working with PSwitchpPay means you don’t need to go anywhere else: no need to source multiple companies to achieve the results you need.

With PSwitchPay you have access to the most flexible payment products in Europe, thanks to our unrivaled product range and ownership of our own tech.

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