LEI Code: 335800CDAZ591SUVDO91
ISIN Code: INE0SZ201014

pSwitch Payment Gateway

A merchant acquirer is a financial institution that processes credit and debit card transactions for a company or merchant. A merchant acquirer may also be referred to as an acquiring bank.

Merchant acquiring is a range of services for payment execution and processing, conducted with the use of payment cards as part of the service provided to a merchant. In simple words, it is a service provided for merchants to enable them accepting credit card or debit card payments.

Financial institutions that acquire (supervise) merchants that accept card payments. Acquirers ensure that merchants operate within the law and the contractual terms of the payment card network.

For those breaking boundaries, we offer the possibility to bank their merchants by adding business payment accounts and commercial cards with instant settlement.

Built for PSPs and ISOs, our payment acquiring enables Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay & Google Pay acceptance and Mastercard and Visa Direct money transfers.

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