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ISIN Code: INE0SZ201014

Domestic Money Transfer

Instant money transfer, anytime & anywhere

pSwitch provides the best DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) solution with the highest success rate with pSwitch money transfer solution you can turn your shop into a Mini Bank.

Easy Cash transfer

Customers can transfer cash to anyone by specifying their bank details right at your doorstep

Transaction receipt

Print transaction-receipt for your customers to give them a sense of safety

Transaction assurance

Assure your customers that their money is safe using our transaction assurance option


Earn Commission

Earn commission for every Bill payment. Prepaid & Postpaid recharges, electricity bills, water and gas bills and even for the booking of LPG cylinders.

Best Success Rate

Transaction failures occur rarely with our services. We ensure that you get the best success rate for every transaction. We are as reliable as banks themselves

Turn your shop into a one-stop payment destination

Imagine the number of customers who would visit your shop just to pay bills! These utility payments happen frequently and the demand never goes down.

Avoid Queues

Customers would no longer need to stand in queues to pay their essential bills. They can simply visit your shop!

Save Travel Money

Customers can save time and money by not having to travel to various departments. They can make all these bill payments at your shop.

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