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ISIN Code: INE0SZ201014

Digital Onboarding

PswitchPay removes the complexity from traditional onboarding processes. We make it fast and easy for both merchants and consumers to onboard. Our fully-digital and automated process allows merchants to enroll seamlessly and transparently. For our retail clients, our digital banking mobile app incorporates a fully-compliant KYC process, meaning you can focus on what you do best, while we provide all the necessary licenses, systems and processes to do so.

Merchant underwriting and onboarding have been a high-priority strategic area for the team. The real challenge has been to set up a simple and trustworthy onboarding process that gets online merchants up and running simply, swiftly, and seamlessly, whilst at the same time complying with the existing payment regulations and AML laws. Our web-based onboarding module takes the merchant on an intuitive journey. Our integration with most trade registers in the EU means we require very few documents to be uploaded, making the process quick, easy and painless.

The KYC on the owners and managers of the merchants is fully automatic, based on innovative in-house video identification technology and connections to Indian databases. In less than one hour, merchants can be up and running and propelling their business towards their goals.

We handle merchant applications flexibly, smoothly and continuously, with no gaps or delays between each stage in the process. Every step of the way, we provide dedicated account managers, customer care and support, and pre- and post-sale support. Because at Pswitchpay we are a family built from long-term partnerships, we grow with you.

For our partners who have a B2C offer, we provide a consumer-friendly interface ensuring a superior customer journey and a speedy process. Integrated within our digital mobile banking app, the KYC process is quick and easy – in less than 3 minutes, the client is onboarded – allowing you to start achieving your ambitions more quickly. We are able to achieve that without jeopardizing the AML and KYC standards because we are integrated with various databases across India, taking into account any country-specific requirements or features. The video authentication is done in house, removing the need to work with multiple partners to achieve your ambitions. Then we monitor the client and do the required regular checks with the Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons lists. We cover all the regulatory checks and processes for you – so that you can focus on growing your business.

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